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Le'Veon Bell wants to return to Steelers!

Would you have him back?

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The Football Feed

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell is eying an NFL comeback, and based on what he's had to say, he wants to play for his former club with whom he racked up 336 rushing yards, 35 touchdowns and three Pro Bowl nominations. 

He stated the following on his social media channel: 

"And I'm gonna be honest with myself, I got to go out there and be like, I'm going to put my foot in the ground. Do I feel it? Am I hurting? Can I go out there and really play again?," Bell said in his video, via ESPN. "And bro, I'm telling you all right now when I go out there and train in March and if I hit April and I make this decision to come back to play in the NFL again, mark my words down -- I will be better than I ever was.

"And I will only come back for that one team. You all know who it is. I don't have to say no team. You all know who it is."

Bell would later sign with the New York Jets, but was never the same player. During the same podcast, he absolutely ripped now-former Jets head coach Adam Gase for his play calling. Later, he would enjoy stints playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's currently a free agent, but holds no hard feelings towards Pittsburgh.

"I never apologized to the fans for sitting out, or leaving the Steelers," Bell said. "I never apologized. So, I want to say I apologize for leaving the best damn fans there is in this damn world. I shouldn't have left. I apologize, I should never have left. I apologize. That's my fault. That's on me."

Steelers fans, would you want Bell back?