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Major changes could be coming to Cowboys

A financial crunch could be coming.

The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has made no secret over the fact that he wants to re-sign quarterback Dak Prescott to a major new contract. 

Bobby Belt of 103.5 The Fan floated the possibility of Jerry Jones electing to trade All-Pro Linebacker Micah Parsons rather than giving him a much-deserved raise on his current salary, of which he's entering the final year of his rookie deal.

And former Cowboys scout Bryan Braddus concurred, saying that it may be difficult to fit so many large salaries on one roster, leading to potentially inevitable moves. 

“Here we are where people now are thinking, ‘Wow, do we need to pay this guy 30 million dollars a year?’ And there’s a lot of people out there that would absolutely do that,” Broaddus noted when discussing a possible Parsons trade. “I’m talking about fans. 

“But you’re in a situation right now where you’re not going to be able to pay CeeDee Lamb all that money. You’re not going to be able to pay Micah Parsons all that money,” Broaddus continued.

“You got to think about Dak Prescott and what that’s all about. You brought it up about the the guys that get to the end of those contracts. Can you get a hall for a Micah Parsons that will help you?”

It would be an odd sight to see him wearing a different uniform, but that's just the reality of the business that is the National Football League. 

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