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Miami's Tyreek Hill threatens Micah Parsons

War of the words!

The Football Feed

We’ve got another regular war of the words going on here in the National Football League between Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins and Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys.

Hill is pretty high on himself, having hauled in 11 catches for 215 yards in his team’s win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

“i just feel like nobody can guard me’ Hill said. “Maybe I’m not a cheetah. I’m a lion, baby.”

Parsons would respond by trying to knock him down a few pegs:

“Tyreek, please never say you’re a lion again. Just stick to ‘the cheetah’, brother,” Parsons said. “You don’t want nothing to do with this lion work. Please stay away from the lion. At least you did say you a baby lion, but then you would be a cub, brother.”

And it wouldn’t be long before Hill would respond with a threat for their matchup later this season.

“Micah Parsons, when we play you December 25th on Christmas day I have a present for you, my boy,” Hill retorted. “I know you’ve seen my little clip where I was blocking the ‘D-End’ I’m big like that, I’m off the edge like that. So you better watch your back.”

Oh, it’s on! Who will be getting the upper hand between these two later this year? 

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