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Micah Parsons blasts NFL officials for poor performance

Micah isn't holding back!

The Football Feed

The road struggles of the Dallas Cowboys continued yesterday, as they dropped a 22-20 Christmas Eve matchup against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in sunny Florida. 

The bad news for the Cowboys is that the performance by the officials was truly putrid, as All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons had to deal with being put into a chokehold and not getting any flags thrown; he was then whistled for a roughing the passer penalty which would eventually lead directly to a Dolphins touchdown.

As you can see below, Parsons would give the officials a piece of his mind, echoing the thoughts of just about every Cowboys fan watching the game: 

And afterward, Parsons really let his opinion fly of the officials' performance, calling it "mind blowing" at some of the things that were and were not called: 

“It’s mind-blowing, the things that are getting called, and the positions that we get put in,” Parsons said. “We just have to learn how to fight the adversity. I know a lot of it is BS, but it’s the world we live in. We’ve got that star on our helmet … It’s just hard to play defense.”

The Cowboys will have to put this disappointing result behind them, as they return home to face the newly crowned NFC North division champion Detroit Lions at AT&T Stadium. The good news for Dallas is that they play much better in the friendly confines of home rather than on the road. 

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