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Micah Parsons brutalizes 'Idiot' Saquon Barkley detractor!

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If you have something bad to say about New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, Micah Parsons has no interest in hearing it. 

The popular Dallas Cowboys pass rusher clapped back at a Twitter user who suggested that Barkley was slowing down in 2022, and that the Giants need to pay him big time. Take a look: 

"I mean yeah that’s what happens when you the best players on your team you idiot!! The scheme on Monday morning is we well not let SAQUON BARKLEY BEAT Us!! People just think we be out here playing free for all!!" Parson wrote in a tweet. "Pay him!"

It wasn't long ago that former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi stated on his "GM Shuffle" podcast that the Giants were suffering from a "disease of me". 

"Everybody in that locker room knows the reason they won wasn’t because of Daniel Jones. He had something to do with it, but he didn’t carry the team. The players know this. You can’t con the players," Lombardi said.

"Chronic feeling of underappreciation. Saquon feels underappreciation. Daniel doesn’t, but Saquon does. Dexter does. This is what happens. And they didn’t win enough, and they’re not good enough as a team to be able to go through this. They didn’t win a championship. They won nine frickin’ games and beat a s----y Minnesota team and got their ass kicked. They’re not good enough to have the disease of me."

The Giants offseason program begins on Monday, and reports surfaced earlier in the week that Barkley didn't plan on inking his franchise tender offer.

Source: Fox News