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Michael Irvin has major request for Jerry Jones

Do you agree with him?

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The NFL Trade Deadline is just days away, and with the Dallas Cowboys currently sitting in 2nd place in their division behind the Philadelphia Eagles, all eyes are on team owner and general manager Jerry Jones to see what kind of move that they will be doing - or perhaps if they'll even be making a move at all. 

But in the meantime, there is one notable former member of the Cowboys who carries plenty of cache that believes that Jones should be emulating the rival Eagles in how they go about improving their team. Essentially, Irvin views the Eagles as doing literally anything and everything to improve their roster, and Dallas must follow suit. 

"The issue is when you're seeing Philadelphia hunt up every stone, turn over every rock trying to find players, bringing in Julio Jones on offense, going to get a safety from Tennessee (Kevin Byard) for your defense,” said the Cowboys legend Irvin. “You keep getting players because you’re saying, ‘We’re doing everything in the front office,’ and you send a message to the players, ‘You make sure you’re doing everything on the football field.’

"Well, I wish Jerry would send that message, ‘We’re always looking.’”

Irvin also had this to say about the current quality of the Cowboys roster after their win over the Los Angeles Chargers last week: 

“This game right here (Sunday against the Rams) should be your final (look at the roster as it presently exists),'' he said. "If I saw Michael Gallup playing like Michael Gallup played years ago, if I saw Brandin Cooks doing things, then I would say, 'You’re good enough right now.' (But) they haven’t shown enough for me to be saying that I’m out of the business to trade.”

The Cowboys take on the visiting Los Angeles Rams tomorrow afternoon at AT&T Stadium, which will be followed by the Trade Deadline this Tuesday. 

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