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Mike McCarthy has major request for Cowboys fans

Are you buying in?

The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be bringing back head coach Mike McCarthy despite their disappointing setback against the Green Bay Packers last week. There was plenty of speculation that the team could look to move in a different direction, but team owner and general manager Jerry Jones announced earlier in the week that McCarthy would be back. 

“There is great benefit to continuing the team’s progress under Mike’s leadership as our head coach,” Jones said in a statement with several references to the disappointment of the playoff loss. “Mike has the highest regular-season winning percentage of any head coach in Cowboys history, and we will dedicate ourselves, in partnership with him, to translating that into reaching our postseason goals.”

And during his first public remark since the announcement was made, McCarthy had a special request of Cowboys fans - he wants them to buy in. 

"Because I believe in the direction. The leadership. Everything is in place," McCarthy said. "I'm not very comfortable talking about myself but I came here to win a championship. I didn't come here to get another contract or anything other than that. I came to Dallas to win a world championship, and that's why I'm standing here. Buy into us.

“We have an unbelievable fan base. They should be disappointed," McCarthy said when asked another question about Cowboys fans. ... "We have established a championship program. It’s just not a world championship yet. … I know how to win. We will get over that threshold."

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