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Mike Tomlin confirms Steelers starting QB vs. Bills

The Steelers can advance with a win vs. Buffalo.

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers officially confirmed their reservation in the postseason, and they find themselves pitted up against the Buffalo Bills in an upcoming matchup at Highmark Stadium in snowy western New York. 

Immediately after the playoff spot was confirmed, fans began to wonder to it would be getting the start against Buffalo given the injury to Kenny Pickett. And head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed that it would indeed be veteran Mason Rudolph starting under center.

"We'll stay with Mason Rudolph," Coach Mike Tomlin said during his press conference on Tuesday. "We're just simply staying with the hot hand and not disrupting the apple cart. He's delivered, we've delivered, and so, we will continue in that vein."

Meanwhile, Rudolph himself is looking forward to the start and is thankful for the opportunity. 

"When you don't get a whole lot of interest in free agency and you're No. 3, it's definitely a mental battle," he said. "The way to win that battle is work every day and be thankful for the reps you're given."

The game is set to take place this Sunday starting at 1:00 PM EST. Can the Steelers advance to the next round with a critical win over the Bills? 

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