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Mini-brawl breaks out at end of Steelers-Packers game

Tempers were heated!

The Football Feed

The good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers today is that they were able to improve their record to 6-3 with a 23-19 victory at Acrisure Stadium over the visiting Green Bay Packers. Meanwhile, the Packers dropped to 3-6 in what has been a truly difficult season. 

Near the end of yesterday's game, tempers began to flare. Damontae Kazee picked off Packers quarterback Jordan Love as he was attempting one last pass in an effort to take the lead at the end of regulation, and he would be pushed out of bounds onto the Steelers sideline by Zach Tom. 

Naturally, tempers began to flare and there was nearly a full-scale brawl: 

Cooler heads were eventually able to prevail, and understandably, multiple flags were thrown as a result from the on-field officials. 

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