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Minneapolis trolls Travis Kelce over Taylor Swift

Some good natured trash talk!

The Football Feed

By now, it seems that almost everyone on Earth is aware of the relationship between Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop superstar Taylor Swift. Many of us are growing weary of hearing about it constantly.

The Chiefs are taking on the Minnesota Vikings this afternoon at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and to get ready for the occasion, a few local billboards have been poking some fun at the the two, with one of them reading “Welcome Mr. Pfizer,” while the other states, “Beat Taylor’s Boyfriend.”

The "Mr. Pfizer" reference is thanks to the nickname that injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers bestowed upon Kelce after his partnership with the giant pharmaceutical company. 

“If Taylor chooses to come back to Minneapolis [sometimes known as Swiftieapolis] this weekend, we’ll be Ready For It,” said Frey, according to TMZ. “It’s possible she will have to console Travis Kelce after the Vikings beat the Chiefs, but there are plenty of great spots across town for them to go on a date and lift their spirits!”

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