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Najee Harris reveals notable personal change

This should only help things in the upcoming season!

Michael W.

While fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers await news about Najee Harris's future beyond the 2024 NFL season, following the team's decision not to pick up his fifth-year contract option, Harris has introduced a notable change that should enhance his on-field performance.

Taking the advice of former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell to slim down, Harris has done exactly that. He's debuted a new trim look, and is said to be in the "best shape of his life": 

“One of the main things he’s done, personally, was make some big changes to his eating habits,” Harris trainer Josh Scott said. “Anytime you’re looking to recomposition your body and drop body fat, that’s going to be the first place you look.”

“Much more durable, much more nimble dropping that maybe eight or 10 pounds, whatever it was, of body fat but then replacing some of that with some good, lean tissue,” Scott said. “And that’s really shown in his movement. He’s looking really, really springy; really, really light off the ground; and more agile.”

Steelers fans, what kind of effect will this have on his performance this year? According to Scott, it's something that they can look forward to. 

“I know he has a good relationship with Russell [Wilson] and the other guys. On paper, it looks really, really positive for everybody but especially for him if they can open it up on offense a little bit, give him a little bit more space to work,” Scott said. “I think it's all gonna work out in his favor, and he wants to be around everybody as they make that transition and move into the next season.”

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