Neurologist issues dire warning to Tua Tagovailoa

They didn't mince words.

The Football Feed

The sports world collectively held its breath as Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered what looked to be a frightening head injury during last night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals; he would have to be stabilized on a backboard and taken away to a hospital via ambulance. 

Of course, this came on the heels of his having potentially suffered a concussion in the previous week's game against the Buffalo Bills, leading to understandable scrutiny of the Dolphins medical staff.

Take a look at what one noted neurological expert had to say regarding the situation: 

"This is a disaster," wrote Chris Nowinski on Twitter. "Pray for Tua. Fire the medical staffs and coaches. I predicted this and I hate that I am right. Two concussions in 5 days can kill someone. This can end careers. How are we so stupid in 2022."

Additionally, according to Pro Football Talk, there will be multiple people who lose their jobs over this situation. 

The NFL is understandably going through careful scrutiny right now when it comes to their handling of brain injuries.