New online poll reveals America's true feelings of the Dallas Cowboys

Hey, they can't hear the haters with their 5-1 record.

Michael Whitaker
New online poll reveals America's true feelings of the Dallas Cowboys

Professional sports can be extremely polarizing, especially amongst fans who have been raised generation to generation to love one team and hate another.

Of course, those passionate fan bases continue their love and hatred of certain teams to this day. And according to one recent online poll, the Dallas Cowboys may not be deserving of the well known moniker of "America's Team".

However, they likely won't lose too much sleep over it, considering they're riding high comfortably in 1st place in the NFC East with a 5-1 record through six games in 2021. 

According study of posts on Twitter through the preseason, the most hated team in America is indeed the Cowboys, who claim the top spot of "most hated" in a total of eight states.

The study was complied by based on over 400,000 Twitter posts that were tracked for specific phrases. Meanwhile, the most hated team in the state of Texas is the Philadelphia Eagles, while the Packers are the most hated team even in their own state of Wisconsin and largely throughout the region. 

Per the study, the most hated NFL teams by state are:

Dallas Cowboys: 8 states

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6 states

Green Bay Packers: 6 states

Las Vegas Raiders: 5 states

Philadelphia Eagles: 4 states

New York Jets: 4 states

San Francisco 49ers: 3 states

Los Angeles Rams: 3 states

Seattle Seahawks: 2 states

Pittsburgh Steelers: 2 states

Baltimore Ravens: 2 states

New England Patriots: 2 states

Los Angeles Chargers: 1 state

Kansas City Chiefs: 1 state

Chicago Bears: 1 state