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Report: New York Jets are “scared” by QB Aaron Rodgers

The latest turn in this saga.

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Okay, just how much longer is this saga going to last?

For weeks now, it's been public knowledge that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is intent on moving on from the only NFL team that he's ever known, and has stated that his preference is to take his talents east and join the New York Jets. He came to this revelation after his so-called "darkness retreat" in which he said he entered believing he was leaning 90% towards calling it a career. 

And reportedly, this has the Jets having second thoughts, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. 

"And I guess…if we’re going to do the whole thing of ‘Whose court is the ball in?’ I guess it’s in the Jets’ court, but the problem with that is that for the Jets it’s at a standstill," Robinson said. "They’re saying no we’re not doing the straight-shot one. And I think what [Jets owner] Woody Johnson’s problem is with this is that he looks at Denver and all the assets Denver gave up [for Russell Wilson] ... now Seattle is sitting on Denver’s pick at No. 5 because that crashed and burned. I think some of it is the Matt Stafford thing, and now he has a balky elbow … and now Detroit is sitting at six. … They sort of had trade parameters worked out, and then when Aaron went on [The Pat McAfee Show] and said ‘I’m 90% retired’ or ‘I was 90% retired when I went into the darkness retreat,’ I think it scared Woody.”

According to Robinson, the Packers want a 2023 second-round pick and 2024 first-round pick in return for Rodgers. And understandably, the Jets are hesitant on surrendering a 1st round draft pick for a 39-year old quarterback who may not even be playing in two years. 

Source: The Spun