NFL punishes Cowboys for Thanksgiving celebration!

The No Fun League strikes yet again.

The Football Feed

The No Fun League strikes again, and this time, they have the Dallas Cowboys in their sights.

As you may remember, a handful of Cowboys came up with what was probably the touchdown celebration of the year, as Dalton Schultz, Jake Ferguson, Peyton Hendershot, and Sean McKeon all played "whack-a-mole" and using the Salvation Army's red bucket behind the end zone to do so. 

While the celebration drew rave reviews from fans, the NFL didn't feel so warmly about it. In response, they've officially announced fines worth thousands of dollars. Schultz is being fined $13,261, Ferguson $4,895, Hendershot $3,944, and McKeon $4,994 for their actions. However, they won't be any lighter in the wallet.

According to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, he and his teammates would cover any potential fines that came their way in anticipation of the League cracking down on players simply having fun.