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NFL snubs the Pittsburgh Steelers

Well then.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers are inching closer and closer to gathering for training camp. With quarterback Kenny Picket set to officially take the reigns as starter for the first time to begin a season, he and the rest of his teammates are aiming to make it another winning season for head coach Mike Tomlin, albeit this time with a postseason appearance. 

But when it comes time for the exhibition schedule, the NFL has decided that none of Pittsburgh's games are worthy of a nationally televised audience. First, take a look at the three preseason games the Steelers are scheduled for: 

Preseason Week 1 - Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Preseason Week 2 - Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

Preseason Week 3 - Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons 

And now take a look at the five nationally televised games that the NFL plans on broadcasting: 

Hall of Fame game – New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns

Preseason Week 2 – Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Commanders

Preseason Week 3 – Indianapolis Colts vs Philadelphia Eagles

Preseason Week 3 – Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers

Preseason Week 3 – Houston Texas vs New Orleans Saints

Should the Steelers have had at least one of their games shown nationally?