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No emotional hangover for Dak Prescott

He's moving on!

The Football Feed

It's good for professional athletes to have a short memory after a brutal loss, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is leading that charge. 

As you remember, it was the Cowboys who were brutalized by the rival San Francisco 49ers by a 42-10 final score last weekend. The loss dropped Dallas to 3-2 through five games, while the 49ers improved to a perfect 5-0 and put more space between them and Dallas in the division.

But as the Cowboys prepare to face the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football, Prescott indicated that there is no emotional hangover from the disappointing loss last week.

"The last thing we can do is let that linger into the week, especially with the extra day to put it behind us," Prescott said. "We watched the film and closed the book, and moved on to the Chargers, which is a really good team. You don't have time in this league to have a hangover — even after a game like that, that's disappointing as it is."

Prescott also reiterated that the loss didn't do anything to harm their confidence moving into Week 6. 

"You can't be shaken by it," Prescott said. "You can't change your preparation. Bad night. Bad timing for some turnovers. We just couldn't do anything on offense and, at the end of the day, it really goes to the third downs, third downs that were manageable, and we've been the best in the league [at those] but we weren't able to do that.

"That's why the score looked like that and why the game looked as it [did]. … But we're not gonna allow it to shake our confidence."

The goals are still in front of the Cowboys, and it starts by hopefully beating Los Angeles in front of the nation on Monday night.

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