NFL News : Other owners threaten to sue Jerry Jones
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Other owners threaten to sue Jerry Jones

He may have gone too far

Published on by Seth Galina in NFL News
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"Multiple NFL owners are reportedly 'urging consideration of a variety of penalties' against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his dispute with Commissioner Roger Goodell."

Wow. This would be incredible. Jones is really pushing his luck these days against Goodell and the NFL.

"According to Ken Belson of the New York Times, Jones has also been given a cease and desist warning from several owners.

That is notable because Mike Florio" of Pro Football Talk reported Sunday some owners discussed such a move, "which flows from Article VIII of the NFL's Constitution and Bylaws.

Florio noted one of the article's sections allows the commissioner to enforce the forfeiture of a team if an owner "has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the league or professional football."

If this actually happens it would be the biggest NFL story of all time.

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Source: Bleacher Report
Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency