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Patrick Peterson sounds off on joining Pittsburgh Steelers

He's their newest prize acquisition.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Eight-time Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson is taking his talents to Steel City, having agreed to a two year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth $14 million that includes $5.85 million guaranteed. 

And needless to say, he jumped at the opportunity to join, as he put it, "the pedigree and identity this organization and this team brings to the NFL.”

“I wanted to be part of a very storied franchise, and what better franchise that you would want to be with than the Pittsburgh Steelers?” Peterson said. “They’re always competitive. Coach (Mike) Tomlin is always going to have his guys in position to win, no matter what the circumstances are.”

Though Peterson has worn jersey number 7 in his career, he'll be donning number 20 with the Steelers; the former was last worn by Steelers legendary quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He'll be entering his 13th season at 33 years of age, but he feels he still has plenty more to contribute. 

“I felt like I have a lot left in the tank for any team I would land on,” Peterson said. “I felt this was the best fit for me because what coach can do for me as a defensive back. It’s no secret I’m not 28 anymore, but the body feels great.

“I want to be in position to continue to help my team but be in a position that’s going to help me be successful. I can’t run behind these young receivers, down in and down out. It’s all about putting me in the right position, my teammates, mixing and matching coverages to make it hard for opposing offenses.”

Steelers fans, how excited are you to have him in the fold?