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Pittsburgh Steelers make big change at cornerback

Already making changes!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the midst of OTA's, and they've already made a notable switch in their cornerback position with second-round pick Joey Porter Jr. taking first team reps. Meanwhile, Patrick Peterson is trying his hand at the slot role.

"We’re already seeing a lot of him," Peterson said of Porter Jr. "He’s working with ones, twos, and threes. That guy is getting all the looks that he needs to make sure that he’s prepared when his number is called. But you can expect to see him on the field early and quite often."

And according to Peterson, it doesn't sound as though he has any issue with moving through the defense to find his ideal spot.

"I’ve moved around a little bit throughout practice,” Peterson said. "So we dibble and dab with the idea. I’m loving it so far, but we’re just going to see so far how coach wants to take it."

"Honestly, to me, I feel like the inside guy is the most protected," Peterson said. "Because you’re closer to the linebacker, you’ve got a middle field safety. So you’re basically just playing to your leverage and funneling the receiver to where you’re not covering. 

"For the most part, just understand where your help is. So for me, it gives me the ability to play even slower than on the outside because, when you’re on the outside, it’s you, the numbers and the receiver. 

"I’ve done that, for the most part of my career. Now, moving around and moving on the inside is just helping me play a little bit slower. I understand the game. I understand coverages. I understand schemes. Now, we’re just all about putting me there to see how successful I am."