NFL News : Pouncey responds to Jaguars trash talk
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Pouncey responds to Jaguars trash talk

The understatement of the century

Published on by Seth Galina in NFL News
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We are all very happy to see what could be a great smashmouth Steelers - Jags game this weekend in what could be the start of a budding rivalry. The trash talk of course started already. 

"Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger broke with a billion years of sports tradition when he admitted that he did, in fact, have a preference on his playoff opponent. He wanted Jacksonville, clearly aiming to atone for the 17 interceptions he threw in the first matchup.

The Jaguars haven’t been shy, either.

First, A.J. Bouye’s response to Ben: “Be careful what you wish for. This is what he wanted, so this is what he’s going to get.”

And then Pouncey responded,

“Heck yeah,” Pouncey said. “Why not? That’s the matchup the football world wants to see.”

He backed off, saying, “I honestly don’t care who we play” but perked up when I mentioned the comments on Roethlisberger looking “flustered” and old.

“That’s what they said? We shall see,” Pouncey said. “Sometimes when you talk too much, you end up lyin’ in it.”

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Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency