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Report: Cowboys could trade fan favorite

This would be something.

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The Dallas Cowboys are once again left picking up the pieces after their devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Divisional postseason round at AT&T Stadium earlier this month. It once again sent the Cowboys into an early offseason, and brought serious scrutiny upon the franchise that once again had championship aspirations but fell well short of their goals. 

And according to Bobby Belt of 103.5 The Fan, team owner and general manager Jerry Jones could actually consider trading All Pro Micah Parsons as part of what would be a major upheaval of the status quo. 

“You know how I look at this, I just wonder, you see Micah’s gotten a couple different times where he’s been a little upset or a little frustrated and there are those issues,” Belt explained during a January 24, 2024 episode of the “Love of the Star” podcast. “I just wonder if, not necessarily [the] Cowboys are like, ‘Huh, we got to get rid of this guy.’

“I just wonder, does it reach a Jalen Ramsey or Bradley Chubb point where you get near the end of the rookie deal and they’re like, ‘Look you you want different things. We’re having a tough time with some of these growing pains. It’s best for both of us, you just go and we’ll get the draft capital.’ 

“I don’t think that’s likely, but I think it’s at least a possibility that it comes to that point, at some point.”

In 2024, Parsons is set to enter the final year of his rookie deal that sees him make $5.4 million a season. Naturally, he's due for a major raise. 

Could Jones do the unthinkable and actually deal Parsons away? 

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