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Report: Packers to ditch Aaron Rodgers!

This could be it!

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Well, if this latest report is any indication, it looks as though it will be the end of an era. 

According to Rich Eisen, the Green Bay Packers are ready to move on from former NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has gone even further with his eccentric behavior.  

Per Eisen: 

"The Packers sure hope that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to come back. They sure hope that when he comes up with his decision it is 'I wish to retire' or 'I wish to be traded elsewhere.' They do not want his response to be “\'Let’s run it back.'

When I say that I heard that over and over and over again, it’s just like 'You have no idea what’s going on there.'"

Meanwhile, according to Michael Silver of Bally Sports, the Packers are "exhausted" by Rodgers. 

“As one high-level Packers source put it to me recently, the days of begging Rodgers to return on his terms — which was essentially the organization’s approach during each of the previous two offseasons — are over,” Silver wrote. “If the 39-year-old quarterback tells his bosses that he wants to return and commit to a single-minded quest for a second championship, they’d be receptive. Anything short of that, however, would leave them less than enthused.”

Is this finally it for Rodgers in Green Bay?