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Rob Gronkowski blasts Cowboys' Trevon Diggs!

Gronk is making his thoughts known!

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There are some serious issues with the Buffalo Bills right now, and they've now dropped to the .500 level with their stunning loss to the Denver Broncos. And former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski has decided to weigh in thanks to the reactions of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs' comments about what his brother, Bills wideout Stefon Diggs, should be doing. 

In fact, Trevon tweeted the following with regards to his brother Stefon following their loss: 

“Man 14 [Stefon’s number] gotta get up outta there [Buffalo].”

Gronkowski wasn't exactly happy to see that, and responded in kind. 

"That's a little bit too much coming from Trevon Diggs," Gronkowski said. "It doesn't make sense. Stefon Diggs, you're paid on you've got an unbelievable contract, what's the worries? You're a main receiver. You're the No. 1 wide receiver. Josh Allen looks to go to you about every single time that he possibly can."

"Your stats, they're up there," Gronkowski said. "It's not like your stats are going to be better with another team. In the last three years, you were contending for a Super Bowl. Do you know how hard it is to be on a contending team year in and year out like that?"

"If you ask me, there's been smoke, there's been fire for the last two years about Stefon Diggs and I don't think he's going to be there after this year with the Buffalo Bills," he continued. "That's how you don't win games. Your brother is tweeting out (that) you've got to get out of there."

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