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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin announces his plans for 2024

Will the Steelers coach be back?

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers are once again heading home early, having dropped their Wild Card postseason game on last night against the Buffalo Bills. And immediately afterward, all eyes began turning toward long tenured head coach Mike Tomlin, who once again enjoyed a winning season to keep his streak intact. 

Tomlin actually dodged a question about his future with the Steelers during his postgame press conference, literally walking away before the reporter could even finish their question: 

But for anyone who is hoping for a coaching change for the first time in nearly two decades for Pittsburgh, you'll have to wait. According to Tomlin himself in comments he reportedly made to the team, he plans on returning in 2024 for what will be his 18th season on the job. 

Tomlin has never endured a losing season as Steelers head coach, but the lack of recent playoff success has left many wondering if the clock should be ticking on his time in Pittsburgh. 

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