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Steelers' George Pickens blasts the NFL

He did not hold back!

The Football Feed

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens isn't holding back whatsoever in his assessment of the National Football League and their referees, especially in the wake of Pittsburgh's playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills. 

Following the game, he unleashed his wrath on the officials for what he perceived to be a horrible missed call that resulted in him slamming his helmet down in frustration. 

"I am still stuck on this game right now with the refs. Refs, refs, refs. That’s the only thing that’s really on my mind when it’s blatant," Pickens said. "I can (if the ball was) contact down the field, ‘go’ ball, me pushing, him pushing, no call, big in, he’s low-hip, diving for the football, we both diving and making a play on the ball. But blatantly grabbing me?

"You’re not gonna win a game if you gotta play the refs and the Buffalo Bills."

"That’s the truth, bro. It’s the refs. The NFL is political. Put that in a quote," he added.

Pickens, who was revealed to have been fined a substantial amount by both the NFL and the Steelers this season, certainly isn't shying away from speaking his mind. 

Whether or not this gets him into further trouble with the NFL and results in additional penalties remains to be seen. 

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