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Steelers “love” idea of playing overseas

Will the Steelers cross the pond at some point soon?

Michael W.

Despite varied fan reaction across the United States, the National Football League has decided to go international and has played games in the United Kingdom, Mexico and Germany. This season, the NFL is heading to Brazil as well as additional matchups in London and Munich. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have already played on international soil, taking on the Minnesota Vikings at London's Wembley Stadium in 2013. Additionally, they played in Ireland against the Chicago Bears in preseason action in 1997, and by all indications, they'd welcome the opportunity to once again showcase their talents across the pond. 

According to Steelers director of business development and strategy Dan Rooney, the Steelers would "love" to once again venture overseas, specifically again in Ireland. 

“We’re awaiting some of their findings and we have told them we would love to get to the island to play a game someday. It’s an exciting future ahead. It would be special no matter where we played it. Croke Park hosted it in 1997 and that is a special venue, but that’s really in the hands of the NFL,” Rooney said.

“It’s been a goal from the start, being able to pursue an opportunity to play a live game in front of the Irish fans,” Rooney said. “We are working with the NFL on that, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming.”

Steelers fans, how do you like the idea of the team once again playing outside of the United States? 

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Source: Steelers Now