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Steelers OC Matt Canada states the obvious

Ya think so, Matt?

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers are running it back with maligned offensive coordinator Matt Canada for 2023 despite the fact that his team was ranked 2nd to last in the NFL in 2022 in total touchdowns scored. 

There was more than enough negative fan reaction to when the decision was announced earlier this year, similar to when head coach Mike Tomlin declared last year that he had no intention of making a switch. Steelers players such as Najee Harris and Kenny Pickett have voiced their support for Canada, endorsing his communication and saying that ultimately, they're the ones responsible for making plays on the field.

Meanwhile, Canada decided to state the obvious - they need to score more. 

“We gotta score more points, gotta be better in the red zone,” Canada said this week.

“I think we’ve spent a lot of time on the red zone. Again, we’re aware of what are those issues,” he went on. “We had some missed assignments. This, that, it doesn’t matter why we aren’t successful. Again, that’s what we all want to talk about, but the bottom line is we have to be more productive down there. So, as a staff we spent a lot of time on what that was. We spent a lot of time in meetings and installation and that’s been a primary focus.”

Among Canada's supporters include second year quarterback Kenny Pickett. Just what kind of season are you expecting from Pickett under Canada in 2023?