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Steelers owner Art Rooney II: “We've had enough!”

The team owner isn't happy!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers once again experienced an early exit from the postseason, meaning that their drought without a playoff win continues; their last playoff win came in 2016. 

And according to Steelers owner Art Rooney II, they've had enough of the losing. 

"We've had enough of this," Rooney said. "It's time to get some wins; it's time to take these next steps."

As far as the future of head coach Mike Tomlin is concerned, Rooney says that he still "feels good" about him holding the position that he has nearly for the last two decades. 

"The players still respond to Mike, and that's No. 1," Rooney said. "He still has the key characteristics that we saw when we hired him. He can keep the attention of a group of 20-year-olds for a whole season and keep them in the fight for the whole way.

"So, still feel good about Mike. Obviously if I didn't, [we] would make a change, but if we didn't think Mike was able to lead us to a championship, he wouldn't be here, and that's why he is here."

The Steelers are going to be bringing in former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith as their offensive coordinator, the first major hire to the organization this offseason.

"We have an idea of what we want the Steeler offense to look like," Rooney said. "Start with that, and we have a certain roster mix that leads to, you can't completely change your roster overnight, so you kind of have to have a coordinator that feels like they can work with this roster and be successful with it.

"So, somebody that believes in that and comes in and can work with this roster, do what's kind of already built here in terms of the roster and some of the skill sets that we have; I think that's what we're looking for."

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