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Steelers QB Kenny Pickett earns major endorsement

This bodes well for the upcoming season!

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

So, what kind of season can the Pittsburgh Steelers expect to see from quarterback Kenny Pickett in what will be his second year in the NFL? If this indication from a pair of popular football podcasts hosts holds true, Steelers fans could be in for an exciting year. 

 Sirius XM podcast Movin’ the Chains’ Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller recently underwent their tour of several NFL team training camps, and came away impressed with what they saw from Pickett. 

In fact, they said that Pickett was one of the four best quarterbacks that they saw during their training camp excursions.

“We were very high on the praise for Kenny, when we were there, when we left there, and in comparison”, Kirwan said. “As we went down the road after that camp, we started looking at all the quarterbacks as it relates to [Pickett], especially your divisional opponents, because we went right from there to Cleveland and then Baltimore, so we got a good feel for your division. We all know who Joe Burrow is”.

“The four best quarterbacks we saw on our camp tour”, added Miller, “were [Pickett], Jared Goff, Trevor Lawrence, and the guy out there in the great northwest yesterday. Geno Smith is throwing the football now. That guy can spin it”.

Pickett is entering just his second NFL season, but is the unquestioned starter in town. 

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