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Steelers special teams coach Danny Smith suffers painful injury

You don't often see a coach land on the injured list!

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You don't often see a football coach end up on the injured list, but in the case of Pittsburgh Steelers special teams coach Danny Smith, that happens to be his current situation.

He suffered a torn rotator cuff in a painful collision in Sunday's victory over the Green Bay Packers near the end of regulation. Steelers offensive lineman Zach Tom nailed Steelers safety Damontae Kazee out of bounds following his game-sealing interception of Jordan Love, and careened right into Smith, resulting in his injury. 

As the 70-year-old Smith tells it, he's been hit hard plenty of times in his life around football.

"I've been hit a lot, and been hit hard," Smith said. "I got a lot of metal in my body over that. I got to learn to get the hell out of the way.

"I got hit in college in a Clemson-Georgia Tech game. Got a tibial plateau fracture, got a plate and six screws in my knee. I had that hit at training camp with (Antonio Brown) when I broke my ribs and my L1 vertebrae in my back. This one hurt. I got a torn rotator cuff, three spots."

"I just saw him on the ground, and he couldn't get up and I saw everybody coming over," Williams said. "So, I just picked him up, tried to carry him out, make sure he was all good. He was trying to scoot out of there, but he couldn't really move for real, so I just had to get my dog up out of the pile."

But as Williams said, Smith didn't lose the gum he was chewing.

"I looked at him, he was still chewing it," Williams said. "I don't know how he was able to do that, but yeah, he was good."

Best wishes to Coach Smith for a speedy recovery!

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Source: ESPN