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Steelers urged to bring 3-time Super Bowl winner to town

Will they do it?

The Football Feed

Despite rumors to the contrary, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is coming back for yet another season; he's served in that capacity for nearly two full decades now, though many are left wondering if the time has come for a change considering how long it's been since the Steelers have enjoyed sustained postseason success. 

In the words of "All Steelers Talk"’s Noah Strackbein and Stephen Thompson, there is a certain hire that the team could make in order to make that a reality - they want the team to hire Mike Vrabel, who most recently served as head coach of the Tennessee Titans from 2018 to 2023. 

“If you can get Mike Vrabel, you go get Mike Vrabel; it’s really not a question of ability or anything,” Thompson said on the All Steelers Talk’s February 2 episode. “It’s a guy that I’m not even sure that you really have to seriously interview, it’s more about, ‘Hey do you want to come here?’

“It’s a pretty one-way street there. If Mike Vrabel wants to come, the Steelers should want him to come. I don’t know how much an assistant like that would get paid or anything.

“But I think you almost write him a blank check and say, ‘Yeah, we’d love to have you here.'”

Vrabel, who actually started his NFL playing career with the Steelers, is a three-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots. Is this a move that Steelers ownership and management should consider in an effort to put them back over the top? 

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