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Stephen Jones: Cowboys “open for business”

The NFL Trade Deadline is this week.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

With the NFL Trade Deadline only days away, speculation continues to grow as to what the Dallas Cowboys are going to be doing in order to strengthen their team in order to try and get over the hump of having lost two consecutive playoff games to the rival San Francisco 49ers. 

According to Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones, the team is "open for business": 

“Anybody who knows us knows we are always open for business,” Stephen said. “We’ve been in here 30 years and it’s just having something that makes sense.”

But as such, there are certain obstacles that can get in the way of a potential deal. 

“As you can imagine, there’s a lot (involved),'' he said during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan. "It starts with what you’re going to have to give up and where that player fits in. You’ve got to have a vision, a plan for it and for a player to come in and help this team right now, more than likely, unfortunately, it’s probably going to be somebody who is an established guy and his probably usually well-paid and they probably want a lot for him. That makes it a challenge and that’s probably why you don’t see as many trades as you might think.''

Stephen continued: "We were down to the wire with one last year in Brandin Cooks. Between the compensation for the team and the compensation for the player, it just became very difficult to make it work. Now, we ultimately made a deal (in March) and got Brandin here in Dallas. But it didn’t work out at the trade deadline because of some of the variables that go into that that I just mentioned.”

"You hear a lot of names in the rumor mill, but when it comes right down to making one it’s hard," he concluded.

What do you anticipate the Cowboys doing this Halloween? 

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Source: KTSM