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Stephen Jones hints at major contracts coming for Dallas Cowboys

Big contracts on the way?

The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys continue their preparations for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, and it was Stephen Jones who hinted at the possibility that there could be some major new contracts on the way. 

According to Jones, the team is "working hard" to get both CeeDee Lamb and Terence Steele signed to new deals in short order. Take a look at the comments that he made earlier this week: 

Lamb is under contract with the Cowboys through the 2024 NFL season, but will be making only $2.5 million in base salary, the fourth year of his rookie deal. However, that number will jump dramatically if the Cowboys decide to exercise his option for a 5th season in 2024. 

He's coming off a highly productive season last year with Dallas, hauling in 107 catches for 1,359 yards and nine touchdowns.

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