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Team Insider reveals Steelers could terminate Matt Canada

Oh boy....

The Football Feed

Well, this could be the news that Pittsburgh Steelers fans everywhere have been waiting to hear.

It’s no secret that the team offense has been nothing to write home about with Matt Canada calling the plays, and it was a controversial move by the team to retain him for this year despite last season’s struggles. But those struggles have continued into this year as well, leading to speculation that they could soon have no choice but to move in a different direction.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Ray Fittipalo speculated that a change could soon be made if things don’t improve.

”I do think if this lingers not just one more game, but if this continues for weeks and it doesn’t get any better, I could see them saying, ‘Hey, we’ll eat this remaining contract and, you know, we’ll have somebody else call to place for the rest of the season,'" Fittipaldo said. "It’s a lot easier to do that when the contract expires after the season’s over."

It was head coach Mike Tomlin who said the team would not be making any rash decisions, but acknowledged the poor pattern.

”We're not going to have knee-jerk reactions in terms of trying to make wholesale changes in an effort to change that outcome. But we do acknowledge that two is a pattern,” he said. 

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