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Texans angry at Cowboys over Brandin Cooks trade!

They big mad!

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys brought aboard some much needed offensive help in the form of wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who was acquired in a trade late last month with the Houston Texans in exchange for draft capital. 

And the Texans, who have to share the Lone Star State with its main sports attraction in the Cowboys, don't appear to be too pleased over Cooks departing their squad - especially to the in-state rival. 

"It sucks losing a talented receiver like Brandin Cooks, so, we never wanted to lose talented players,” Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans said of the Cooks trade to Dallas. “We’re really trying to acquire as many talented players as possible, so, it’s hard losing him.”

But in the meantime, Cooks isn't worried at all about what his former franchise is thinking - he's just ready to go to work with his new teammates. 

"I couldn't be more hungry," Cooks said. "Last three years, it is what it is. But when you step into a locker room like this and an organization ... I mean, it's definitely fueling the fire and that hunger to be able to come out here and just show up and help my team win. I can't wait, I truly can't." 

Sounds like he's happy to have jumped ship to the real football attraction in the great state of Texas! What kind of season will he enjoy in his debut campaign with the Cowboys?