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Tom Brady looked miserable in practice before announcing his leave of absence

Not the guy we are used to

Emricka Moreau

Earlier this week, we learned that Tom Brady announced that he will be taking a break from football for a minimum of 10 days.

Asked about the subject, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers confirmed that they did not know the exact reason for this departure. However, a possible break had been in pre-season talks. The Tampa Bay organization nevertheless made it clear that this is not a personal problem.

The Audacy website reported that Boston Globe reporter Ben Volin thought the Bucs' #12 didn't look his best.

“I do wonder where his head is at right now. The older Brady gets, the less we criticize and wonder if he can actually play. I mean, he was so good at 44, there's no doubt in our minds that if Brady is fully committed that he can have a terrific season at 45, but there are definitely signs that his head isn't fully into it. And, I try not to be the body language police, but I was at Bucs practice yesterday, and he looked miserable.”

-Ben Volin 

At 45 years old, TB12 could indeed suffer a drop in production. But Florida's heat, the numerous injuries to other players on the team and the frequent changes of players at practices could also be the main reason.

“I don’t think he loves the humidity in Tampa; it is very swampy out here every morning. His buddy Gronk has retired, that’s his running mate, that’s his guy, and now he looks all over the field and he’s throwing to Kyle Rudolph. Chris Godwin is banged up, and we’re not sure when he’s going to be himself again. Brady's center [Ryan Jensen] goes down."

-Ben Volin

Also, things seemed rather nebulous elsewhere in Tampa Bay since the off-season when Brady announced his retirement.

"There are just a lot of things going on with the team, and we also know playing with the Bucs was not his No. 1 wish this year. If he had gotten his way, he'd be running the Dolphins.”

-Ben Volin

To be continued…