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Troy Aikman blasts opposition beer brands

Aikman is taking them to task!

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Hall of Fame quarterback and current analyst Troy Aikman is forever a Dallas Cowboys legend, and still well liked in their massive fan base. But however, he's not exactly a fan of certain beer distributors. 

Aikan, who owns Eight Elite Light Lager, called out what he believes to be "inauthentic" beer brands celebrating the upcoming 4th of July. 

Aikman had this to say: 

"This weekend we celebrate the birth of our great nation. I am so proud to be an American. I look forward to celebrating with good food, great friends and, of course, ice cold beer," he says in the clip.

 "AUTHENTICITY MATTERS: This July 4th, join me in celebrating with a true American."

"At Eight, we believe in truth and authenticity. Our company is proudly based right here in Texas and all of our beer is brewed right here in the good ‘ol USA. So, I’ve gotta call it like it is. There are a lot of beer brands out there that are trying to cash in on this holiday by slapping an American flag on their package. Regardless of whether or not they are truly American.

"So this July 4th, drink American – whether it’s EIGHT beer or any other American owned beer brand. And on behalf of all of us out here, we appreciate your support. Cheers."

Aikman's beer brand helps to support various charities like Military Warriors Support Foundation, Back on My Feet and Project Lorenzo.

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Source: Fox News