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Zack Martin sounds off on his holdout from Cowboys

They came to a resolution this week.

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The Football Feed

The contract stalemate between Pro Bowl All-Pro right guard Zack Martin finally ended this week, as the two sides agreed to a re-worked contract that will see him get paid over $18 million the next two years, a significant raise from what he had been making.

He was feeling under appreciated despite his six-year, $84 million extension that he had signed, as he was quickly falling behind other players in the NFL at the same position who had accomplished less than he did. And now that he's returned to the team, he's telling his side of the story.

"I kept the faith and had a good feeling that we'd eventually reach an agreement," said Martin after practice. "I'm happy to be out here. It's great to see everybody and be back with the guys."

"It all came together when [the team] came back to Dallas," Martin explained. "[Jerry and I] spent some face-to-face time and hammered this thing out. We reached out and some of my buddies here in the organization helped get that going, and it was good to get face-to-face with him."

And he also explained that his head was back to hurting, but in a good way.

"It was great, he said. "My head hurt because I was smiling and laughing so much all day. I don't think I stopped talking from the moment I got here to [the moment] I went to bed. … Three weeks doesn't seem that long, but when you're sitting in Dallas with 103-degree heat everyday, and you're seeing your guys out there having fun at training camp, it seems a little bit longer than it is."

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