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Zeke fined 10k for defending his quarterback

No regrets here

Emricka Moreau

The Dallas Cowboys were playing against the Washington Football Team last Sunday. In the fourth quarter, Dak Prescott was pushed out of bounds by Washington defensive lineman William Bradley-King. Ezekiel Elliott and right tackle La’el Collins did not like it. 

According to Matthew Lenix reporter at, Elliott and Collins ran into Bradley-King and throw some punches at him. Collins was ejected after that. Neither Elliott or Collins regretted their actions. 

“It’s a brotherhood. We fight for ours. We all love each other.”
-Ezekiel Elliott

“It wasn’t really the late hit for me. I felt it was more so, I felt like he was rolling toward Dak’s leg. It was uncalled for. I’m just here to protect my quarterback at all costs, and that’s the bottom line.”
-La'el Collins

Considering Dak ankle injury last season, Elliott and Collins wanted to protect their QB. 

Lenix reported that according to Tom Polissero of NFL Network, both players have been fined 10k each for the incident.