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49ers QB Brock Purdy compliments Cowboys

There is some respect between the two rivals.

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The Football Feed

While they may be rivals on the field, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers do have a respect for one another. As you know, the 49ers have ended the championship hopes for the Cowboys two years running now in the postseason, and quarterback Brock Purdy said that facing Dallas was the hardest challenge that he's faced. 

"Yeah, honestly, I'd say so," Purdy said Thursday when asked if last year's playoff game against Dallas was his toughest game as a QB, per team transcript. "They were a really good defense and like I said, there were times where just the pass rush or my rhythm, something just felt off in that game and they did a good job of just getting me offset with some little things and just sort of made me rush some things and I feel like I didn't get in a good rhythm to process just what we had going on."

"So, there were some areas in there where I could definitely be better at. ... I do expect more to myself to be able to take the next step and go through reads, progressions, even with the pass rush that might be a little bit more aggressive and so that's where I'm at with that. But definitely one of my toughest games."

Despite it being the regular season, it's definitely easier for Purdy and the rest of his teammates to get up for such a big game.

"Yeah, just where we're at, what we're trying to do," Purdy said. "Obviously, every single game is important and for this week we got the Cowboys, so this is the most important game to us.

"If you go another step further than that just the history with the two organizations, the playoff games, all that stuff, the last couple years. Everyone knows it's no secret. Like it's a big deal to both organizations and we take pride in obviously winning and things like that. So that's where we're at with that. But at the same time, man, it's another Sunday for us and we just want to take care of business."