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Aaron Rodgers being pursued by new team!

Could Rodgers be headed west?

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Four-time NFL Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers announced his desire to suit up for the New York Jets in 2023 during an appearance last month on "The Pat McAfee Show", and also had some choice words for his soon to be former team in the Green Bay Packers in how they're handling the situation. 

However, we've yet to see a deal materialize between the two sides. And according to an incredible recently released report, there's allegedly a new team emerging that has interest in bringing Rodgers aboard.

As FS1’s Craig Carton reported today on The Carton Show, the Packers have had conversations with the San Francisco 49ers 

“The New York Jets are about to lose Aaron Rodgers,” Craig said. “The Patriots are about to get rid of Mac Jones and trade for Lamar Jackson or Aaron Rodgers, if he doesn’t go to San Francisco.

“It's all falling apart. It is all falling apart at the seams. All of our dreams of Aaron Rodgers wearing Jet Green and Odell Beckham Jr. joining him and the New York Jets being the team to beat. ‘It's all crumbling because we don't want to give back a pick or they don't want to take, but, oh, why us?’”

“‘Intention’ is not ‘want’ or ‘desire’…it’s not a commitment,” Craig said. “There’s nothing holding you to your intentions. Now, it’s been almost three weeks since he announced that intent…and nothing has happened.

“On the heels of my report yesterday and again this morning…all of a sudden, if I’m the New York Jets, I don’t want to panic, but I now have to get this done. Because every day this goes on is another day closer to blowing up.”

How odd would it be to see Rodgers eventually suiting up for the 49ers rather than the Jets in the 2023 NFL season? 

Source: Audacy