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Ex-NFL player calls out “delusional” Russell Wilson

Hoo boy......

Michael W.

In a move that surprised many across the National Football League, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected to sign quarterback Russell Wilson while also bidding goodbye to Mason Rudolph, Mitchell Trubisky and later Kenny Pickett. 

Wilson, who was just cut from the Denver Broncos after a disastrous two years, threw for a total of 3,070 yards and 26 touchdowns with just eight interceptions in the 2023 season. While many consider him to be washed, the fact is that he brings championship experience to Pittsburgh. He'll team up with former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields to form what they are hoping will be an impactful 1-2 punch under center. 

However, former NFL player Mark Schlereth recently stated on his "Stinkin' Truth" podcast that Wilson is delusional if he still believes that he's a top quarterback. 

"Russ (Wilson) is still very athletic," he said. "He can still move. All those reports of him losing athleticism and that's why he wasn't playing well, those are just incorrect reports."

"I think when you're delusional, you think you can point the finger at eight million different places that say 'This is why this happened,'" he said. "That toxic positivity and surrounding yourself with people that basically tell you, 'It's not your fault, man'" he continued.

This also isn't the first time that Schlereth has targeted Wilson, criticizing him heavily during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show in March. 

“The way Russ played, the way he’s played the last couple years, he’s diminished,”Schlereth said. “He doesn’t throw the ball in the middle of the football field, he doesn’t anticipate throws. You can sit here and tell me all day long 26 TDs, eight interceptions - I’ll tell you garbage numbers. The things he does, he’s just not good enough anymore.”

Can Wilson prove his doubters wrong with a bounce back season in Pittsburgh in 2024? 

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