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Antonio Brown blasts Tom Brady again!

Brown just can't stop, can he?

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The Football Feed

It almost seems like there can't be a single week without former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown generating some controversy. It wasn't long ago when a disturbing video of him exposing himself to shocked hotel guests in a swimming pool. Not long after that, he posted a social media post in which he was going after his former teammate Tom Brady's now-former wife Gisele Bündchen. 

As you may know, the AFL club that Brown owned, the Albany Empire, was kicked out of the League due to a variety of reasons - almost all of them thanks to Brown. 

And now, Brown is back at it again by calling out his former teammate Tom Brady publicly once again, saying that the legendary quarterback promised to get him the ball early and often in the final fateful game of his with the Bucs in which he'd eventually desert the team and run off the field. 

“Tom called me like ‘Yo this week man the Jets man, they sweet man imma hit you with like 10 to 12.’" Brown said on Tyreek Hill's podcast It Needed to Be Said. "So, he gonna gas me up so you know me, that’s all I need to hear like yo you gonna throw me the ball, this is like me saying like I got a new crib like you know me, you know what I’m saying.”

“You don’t want to throw me the ball and you making me like I’m crazy, so, I was like, 'I’m crazy, f— all you m————, I’m out of here.'” Brown said about his decision to leave the game. 

Yeah, we're going to go ahead and take Brady's side of things over a crazy person like Brown.

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