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Are Dallas Cowboys fans turning on Dak Prescott?

Is Dak no longer their preferred QB?

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The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear that Dak Prescott is their starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. In fact, team owner and general manager Jerry Jones recently stated that he hopes that Prescott starts under center for his team for literally the next decade! 

That's some pretty serious dedication to one player, but right now, it seems as though not everyone in the massive Cowboys fan base agrees with Jones.

Prescott announced earlier this week that he was feeling good and optimistic about the season:

"I think I'm in a good spot," Prescott said. "Obviously, there's more to grow. As I say, I'll use these five weeks to make sure that I'm crossing my t's and dot my i's in that sense. But I feel like when you have Mike (McCarthy) and as open as he is about communicating, making sure I know what I like, what's at the top of my chart, what maybe I don't feel great about, it's been pretty easy to make sure that I'm doing that and I'm mastering what I'm good at. And so, I feel great at the things that we've put in that we've done." 

But that isn't going over well, as several fans are of the opinion that they've heard all of these cliches before.

A few comments from the Cowboys Reddit page: 

-"Broken Record."

-"Oh good, now that he's the longest tenured starting QB in the NFC he's ready to step up."

-"I'm ready for Dak Prescott to just not f*** up a big game."

-"Dude sounds like a broken record lmao" 

-"Think I've heard this one before."

Cowboys fans, what kind of season are you expecting this year from Prescott and the Cowboys? 

Source: MARCA