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Broncos coach Sean Payton reportedly has warned Russell Wilson!

They are not messing around!

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The Denver Broncos have themselves a new head coach for the upcoming 2023 season in former Super Bowl winner Sean Payton, and he'll be tasked with helping to turn around a franchise that suffered through a tremendously disappointing year in 2022 - especially with new quarterback Russell Wilson. 

Wilson, who is the 4th highest paid quarterback in the NFL after signing a hefty $165 million deal that could ultimately be worth up to $245 million, is reportedly "fighting for his job" this year, according to former general manager and current ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum. 

“Let me take you behind the curtain.” Tanenbaum told ESPN's Get Up. “The first meeting in Denver, I worked with coach Parcells in 1997 with the New York Jets - Sean Payton worked with Bill Parcells. Here is exactly what he said: ‘Fellas, I go by what I see. The best players will play’.

“Russell Wilson isn’t fighting for his legacy, he’s fighting for his job. He (Payton) couldn’t care about salary cap charge or money, the best players will play. They (Denver) will draft his replacement if he (Wilson) doesn’t do everything he (Payton) says from day one.

“If you go back to his press conference, Sean Payton talked about there will be no outside coaches or mentors in the building. He (Payton) is the new sheriff in town, and is beholden to no one, including Russell Wilson’s guaranteed money.”

It really sounds as though the new-look coaching staff of the Broncos isn't messing around, and Wilson won't be able to hide behind past accolades if he doesn't come out with a strong start to the upcoming year.

Source: Mirror.UK