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Colin Cowherd shares true feelings on Kenny Pickett

We agree!

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It's officially Kenny Pickett's show in Pittsburgh, as he'll be entering the 2023 NFL season as the unquestioned Number 1 starter for the team. 

And for NFL analyst Colin Cowherd, he believes that Pickett absolutely is the right choice for the Steelers to remain a "stable" organization in the absence of franchise legend Ben Roethlisberger. 

"I think you see a stable organization, a good coach, and a defense even with a wonky offensive line, he can win games. So you went from Big Ben, usually your star quarterback leaves... you're bailing for years on it. The Steelers immediately stabilize an organization when the legend left." 

Pickett himself sounded off on what he believes was his personal growth that he showed throughout his rookie campaign that saw him supplant Mitch Trubisky as the team starter.

"The biggest growth for me was mentally. Just understanding of the system... There are so many things I'm going to go through here this offseason in order for me to take that big jump in Year 2, which I'm expecting myself to do. There were so many new things coming in the year that you can't even out into this one interview that you're going through as a rookie QB in the NFL. I just got so much more comfortable from the first day I walked in here to the last day of the season. It's like night and day."

Who else agrees with Cowherd that the Steelers are in good hands with Pickett under center?