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Could Cowboys replace Dak Prescott with Kirk Cousins?

This doesn't stand a chance of happening, right?

Michael W.

It looks as though the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Kirk Cousins are set to enter the game playing a game of chicken with regards to his next contract. Right now, Prescott isn't signed beyond this season and negotiations on a new, longterm contract have reportedly been sparse. 

And while team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has stated in no uncertain terms in the past that he wants Prescott to be a member of his franchise for life, the lack of negotiations between the two sides has left plenty of fans and media alike wondering if they are potentially preparing for life without Prescott beyond 2025.

Right now, there are several potential replacements being whispered about as ideal candidates to replace Prescott should the two sides ultimately fail to agree on an extension. And according to K.D. Drummond of Cowboys Wire, one of those names is Kirk Cousins, who recently signed a hefty deal with the Atlanta Falcons. 

He writes: 

"Cousins’ contract is huge, they guaranteed $100 million, but that doesn’t make him untradable. In fact, the team could carve out around $2.5 million in space in 2025 were they to deal him next offseason, and then be free of all future obligations.

He’d probably be relatively cheap, compensation wise, and the Cowboys wouldn’t be committing to anything beyond the 2025 season, as that’s the only remaining guaranteed base salary, and it’s a pretty affordable $27.5 million with no roster bonus."

Of course, eyebrows everywhere were raised when the Falcons took quarterback Michael Penix Jr. in the recently completed 2024 NFL Draft, something that Cousins and his camp reportedly were unprepared for. 

Per Drummond, Cousins would be considered a "franchise" quarterback for the Cowboys rather than a "bridge"-style figure. Just how comfortable would you as Cowboys fans be at the potential of Cousins under center? 

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Source: Cowboys Wire