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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy blames his mom!

Funny stuff from the Cowboys head coach!

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The Dallas Cowboys were able to take care of business last Monday against the Los Angeles Chargers, holding on for a 20-17 victory to improve their overall record to 4-2 and helping to make up some ground in the highly competitive division; they trail only their bitter rival San Francisco 49ers. 

During the broadcast, ESPN cameras caught head coach Mike McCarthy covering his mouth with his laminated play sheet; though upon zooming in, details of the plays were clearly visible to viewers. 

Take a look for yourself in this screen grab below: 

In McCarthy's words, there is someone to blame for the screen grab, and it's not exactly who you would expect! 

During an appearance on "Shan & RJ" earlier today, McCarthy joked that it was his own mother who had been advising him to cover his mouth. 

“That’s the language – I think two things," McCarthy said. "The irony of it is I always speak to my parents before the game, and my mother was pretty adamant that I need to cover up my mouth. She was at church that day and five different people commented that Mike isn’t covering his mouth when he’s calling plays. So I kind of blame this on her a little bit, I was trying to be really conscientious of keeping my call sheet up over my mouth.

“And now I’ve got an issue with my font being too big because my eyes aren’t as good as they were 15-20 years ago. I really don’t know what the hell to do about it.”

The Cowboys are right back in the swing of things this Sunday when they bring in the Los Angeles Rams to AT&T Stadium in Arlington; the Rams are currently 3-4 so far through their first seven games of 2023. 

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