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Cowboys confirm status of Mike McCarthy

McCarthy recently underwent surgery to remove his appendix.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy recently underwent emergency surgery to remove his appendix, and the good news is that the surgery was successful and he's not expected to miss any long term time on the sidelines. 

The even better news is that McCarthy is fully expected to coaching the Cowboys this Sunday night when they take on the divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium. 

"There's no change in anything he's gonna be doing (Sunday night). We'll be business as usual from a coaching standpoint," Jones said when he joined the K&C Masterpiece on Friday morning on 105.3 The Fan.

"Feeling great. ... I anticipate everything staying normal, come Sunday night," McCarthy stated about his status. 

"You always miss the guys," McCarthy said about missing practice. "You miss the players and coaches -- that's the hardest part about being away -- but the only game plan meeting that I missed was a short-yardage and goal line. We'd actually did a preview on the red zone Tuesday night, so I wasn't concerned about missing any of the game plan part of it. But yes, not being here is not where you want to be. I was excited to get back. It definitely felt great walking in here today. The meeting, we did it virtual. It was different because it was virtual but we got everything done that we normally get done on a Thursday night."

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